Saturday, February 3, 2007

Ping-Pimpaporn Leenutpong-Thailand Girl

Thailand Girl
Thai actress Pimpaporn Leenutpong, nickname Ping, has one movie to her credit. The title is Sayew which sort of means "horny". In the movie she plays Tao, a "tomboy" which is what we call a masculine lesbian in Thailand. Tao is a writer for a adult magazine called Sayew (the movie's title). Problem is, Tao has no experience. So she decides to interview some people to get material for her writing. Interesting plot. Maybe I will try to watch this one.
Update: I was channel surfing late one night and stumbled upon the movie Sayew playing. It was heavily edited for television but the story was still kind of interesting. Ping certainly didn't get her sexy reputation from this movie. She looks quite unattractive in it.
Lately Ping has been working on her sexy image more. She has appeared in a few new photo shoots, a couple of Club F videos which are little teaser videos, and did a promotion for the opening of a new spa by doing what they called at "bathtub show" with another Thai model.
Thailand Girl